Advanced Television

Latens increases operators flexibility

February 22, 2010

Latens, developer of middleware and software-based security solutions for IPTV and cable services, has unveiled CAS 5 – a software only Conditional Access System which will work on all networks – Cable, DTH, DTT, IP and Hybrid from the same head end, thereby making it a safe investment no matter how operators decide to expand their Pay TV services.

Latens CAS dynamically detects how STBs are connected to the CAS and automatically allocates the entitlements/permissions to it. This means that when an operator wishes to expand to other network types, or from one way to return path, they will not have to invest in a new CAS system. Latens software-only CAS protects a one-way cable or DTH network and offers expansion and return path to an IPTV offering without the need to make changes in the head end or in the STB.

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