Belgacom TV reports strong growth

Convergence and innovation were the keys to success and record sales of Packs, Belgacom TV has stated. In 2009, the Belgacom Group reported a net profit of E904 million.

Didier Bellens, CEO of the Belgacom Group said “Not only did we obtain many new customers, but existing customers remained loyal to us, despite the fierce competition. Our Packs in particular were a big success: in 2009, 258,000 customers opted for this formula, 106,000 in the fourth quarter. That brings the total up to 560,000 Pack customers.”

A record number of new customers opted for Belgacom TV: 246,000, including 89,000 in the fourth quarter. This brings the total up to 752,000 customers in less than 5 years. Belgacom TV is available to 87.2 per cent of Belgian households.

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