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Spain’s Tele 5 prepares for HD

April 9, 2010

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Mediaset's TV channel Tele 5 is laying the groundwork for HD with its first HD tests under way through DTT. The broadcaster has selected US company Level 3 to enhance HD live and on demand online streaming of its content. Level 3 will partner with Microsoft to deliver Tele 5’s content in HD, making use of Level 3’s suite of CDN services alongside Microsoft Silverlight and Smooth Streaming,

Other broadcasters, particularly regional TV stations and RTVE, are implementing HD tests across the country. Electronic manufacturers have urged broadcasters to develop HD content to foster the market, but content is conspicious by its absence.

Spain has just switched off its analogue TV. Since last April 2, 43 million Spaniards watch digital TV with access to around 40 TV channels. The digital migration process has reportedly generated business of E12 billion creating more than 40,000 new jobs and benefiting 10,000 companies. The Government has spent E288 million in promoting DTT with viewers buying 30 million set-top-boxes at an average price of E35 per unit representing a sales of more than E1 billion.

The Government recently approved a Royal Decree whereby nationwide private broadcasters (Antena 3, Tele 5, Cuatro, La Sexta, Net TV and Veo) will each operate one complete multiplex from next June. State-owned RTVE and Regional TV stations will operate two full multiplexes each with a capacity of up to 8 channels.

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