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Asia comprises over 50% of global pay TV subs

May 21, 2010

Asia dominates worldwide Pay TV, accounting for slightly more than 50 per cent of subscribers in 2010, reports In-Stat. China alone will encompass 26.3 per cent of the total, followed by the rest of Asia Pacific at 22.3 per cent, North America 15.3 per cent and W. Europe 15.6 per cent. While IPTV grew faster than cable and satellite in 4Q09, consistent growth is expected for all Pay TV platforms over the next five years.

“By 2012, there will be nearly three-quarters of a billion pay-TV subscribers worldwide,” says Norm Bogen, In-Stat analyst. “Asia will continue to represent over 50 per cent of pay-TV subscribers through 2014 when we expect total subscribers to reach 855 million.”

Research by In-Stat found the following:

– IPTV subscribers increased 9.1 per cent over the previous quarter and 46.1 per cent over the previous year, reaching 33.3 million subscribers in 4Q09.

– E. Europe and W. Europe combined accounted for 49 per cent of IPTV subscribers in 2009.

– Worldwide cable subscribers grew 4.4 per cent in 2009.

– Worldwide satellite subscribers will reach a quarter billion by 2014.

– In 2010, Asia Pacific will overtake North America as the largest satellite market.

– Asia Pacific and Latin America/Caribbean regions show the greatest growth rate in satellite subscribers from 2009–2014.

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