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Humax confirms OTA Freeview fix

June 10, 2010

Humax has confirmed the dates for over-the-air (OTA) software downloads to upgrade its range of PVRs and fix recent usability issues and slowdown in operation for the PVR-9200Tand PVR-9300T digital TV recorders.

The OTA software upgrades will resolve issues that have occurred due to the increasing complexity of the UK's broadcast infrastructure, particularly the digital switchover, such as freezing, locking up and missed recordings.

Humax has ensured that the new software will also eliminate the risk of future problems and have introduced a new feature that will significantly reduce the time it takes to display the on-screen EPG from minutes to just seconds.

The upgrades will automatically take place on all PVR-9200Tand PVR-9300T models on the following dates, as long as they are in stand-by mode overnight:

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