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BBC: more hypertext and more money

August 27, 2010

The BBC is to invest more in R&D for online TV and is appointing specialist in Internet standards to work with Future Media & Technology. The BBC says the move demonstrates its commitment to HTML 5 use in video – it has received criticism that the use of Flash in the iPlayer shows a lack of commitment to open standards.

“We really want to embrace and support HTML5….we are bringing on board a Senior Technologist for Internet Standards, to support increased involvement on the W3C and other standards bodies as needed. We hope the person can draw on their existing experience and knowledge of the cutting edge of Web technologies and Internet services, while working closely with colleagues inside and outside the BBC to feed through production area’s perspectives. They’ll represent the BBC on various standards bodies as well as create experimental interfaces,” said George Wright, Head of Prototyping, BBC Research and Development.

To back up its claims the BBC demonstrated a new way to show on screen hyperlinks to pages related to whatever is being said on the live channel.

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