Advanced Television

Conditional Access and Digital Rights Management

August 29, 2010

The battle against unauthorised consumption of copyright material ebbs and flows. Some of the worst offenders in terms of file sharing sites have been closed and others declare they are ‘going straight.’ But, meanwhile, a Member of the European Parliament is elected in the name of a Swedish pirate site, demonstrating the ambivalence of many consumers to copyright breech.

Content owners would certainly have us believe revenue continues haemorrhage. The Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property, which is briefing the UK government on policy, came up with the staggering figure of €137 billion as the annual loss to the content industry.

We look at current threat levels to Conditional Access systems, latest techniques to improve protection and what lies ahead with OTT and mulitple devices?
Participants: Abel DRM, Civolution, Logiways, Viaccess

Categories: Research Library, Research TV Channel