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Ubiquity Multiscreen TV from NSN

September 9, 2010

From Colin Mann in Amsterdam


Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a new software client for ‘any device with a screen’ designed to allow people to watch TV via any network. The Multiscreen TV client integrates ‘Over the Top’ TV and broadcast TV with the web and social network access. It provides a user interface for services delivered via Nokia Siemens Networks Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform, irrespective of location or device. The client is built on Nokia’s open source Qt cross platform application and user interface framework.

Brook Longdon, head of Media and Entertainment Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks, said the elegance of this approach was its simplicity. “Video content from separate sources can be brought together and offered alongside web apps and other online services and delivered to any device, at any location, using a common, adaptable client interface,” he explained. “Our Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform marries traditional broadcast TV with web content to provide an easy-to-use service people will love.”

The Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform and the new client ensure content is protected across various devices with built in Digital Rights Management. In addition, and depending on permissions, the new client can allow users to share video content via its integration with web apps and social networks. These features are over and above existing digital TV features such as network-based recording, pausing live TV and instant rewind.

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