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Bye Bye Bravo

September 16, 2010

Sky is closing Bravo and Channel One as part of the integration of Living TV Group. It has decided to focus on the Living TV channel portfolio, which will see a 25 per cent boost to its programming budget, and the gameshow and quiz channel Challenge. Up to 50 jobs could be affected.

Sky decided to dump Bravo, which launched as a cable channel in 1985, because it reaches a similar demographic to Sky1 but is not believed to have the same brand equity or reach. Living TV is second only to Sky1 in popularity among its basic pay-TV channels. Channel One, which was deemed too similar to Sky3, which it sits alongside as a free-to-air channel on Freeview.

Challenge will move free-to-air in Channel One’s slot, it hasn’t been decided what will fill Bravo’s slot.

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