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CWC Caribbean IPTV?

November 5, 2010

UK-based Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is considering the launch of IPTV services across a number of the countries in which it operates in the Caribbean in the second half of its 2010/11 fiscal year.

Tony Price, the company’s CEO, unveiled the plans during a conference call to discuss the company’s first financial results since it was officially established as a standalone company on March 26th 2010 as part of the demerger of UK-based Cable & Wireless (C&W).

“Our range of services has grown with TV, broadband and mobile data offerings, opening the way for triple-play, and I think in the next year quadruple play”, the executive said, and referring specifically about the launch of quad-play services in the Panamanian market he noted: “A year ago if you’d asked me I would have said it was never going to happen because people procure mobile in a different way to other services … Triple-play is producing good returns. Pay-TV is going great but most interestingly our broadband market share has gone from 60% to 70% on the back of triple-play, so that proves that triple-play does cut churn and does offer the scope to recover market share that you’ve lost to a new entrant.”

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