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Time Warner Cable on Sony

January 6, 2011

From Nick Snow @ CES

Sony has announced a tie up with Time Warner Cable to bring its pay and VOD services to Bravia connected TVs. The revelation came as Sony stated its aim to be number one in consumer electronics by 2013 and achieve it through a massive commitment to connected media and 3D.

Sir Howard Stringer, Sony Chairman and Chief Exec, appeared alongside props and stars from The Green Hornet, Sony studios’ latest 3D action movie. Stringer emphasised Sony was the only corporation equiped to bring content seamlessly to the full range of branded devices and through PSP and Qriocity he pledged a ‘unified’ media experience for Sony users.

Having launched Google TV, he said the company wanted to add irresistible content and hence the deal with Time Warner – the first time a cable company has let its package be marketed by a third party outside its own nets. No details – other than it would be available soon – were provided, though senior TW executives in the audience were asked to take a bow for their part in the deal.

Sony is also advancing in 3D promising a glasses-less version ‘on the horizon’ and meanwhile launching a raft of 3D camcorders, cameras and 3D capable phones and, of course, video games.

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