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ACCESS for Electra hybrid

January 10, 2011

ACCESS, the provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, has signed a software licence agreement with Electra Entertainment. The agreement brings ACCESS’ NetFront Browser for TV and NetFront Living Connect, a DLNA solution, to Electra’s proprietary Trove hybrid DVB/IP connected TV software platform.

Within the agreement Electra’s Trove hybrid DVB/IP connected TV software platform for the UK market will feature NetFront Browser for BBC iPlayer, while NetFront Browser for HbbTV and NetFront Living Connect will be available for use globally in any set-top boxes and other connected devices that carry the Trove hybrid DVB/IP connected TV software platform.

The first customer for Electra devices supported by ACCESS solutions is the UK’s No. 1 retailer. The retailer will be offering connected Freeview devices featuring Electra’s Trove hybrid DVB/IP connected TV software platform, giving its customers access to interactive services via the Freeview service.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Electra Entertainment to bring innovative interactive services to television consumers in the UK with our NetFront Browser for BBC iPlayer solution and around the globe with our NetFront Browser for HbbTV and NetFront Living Connect, a DLNA solution,” said Dr Neale Foster, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, ACCESS Systems Europe. “The fact that the No. 1 retailer in the UK has already selected Electra’s Trove platform for its Freeview devices shows the quality of the services the platform has to offer, and it’s wonderful that they’ll be so easily accessible via Freeview.”

Premium content and apps are delivered on Trove-enabled Freeview devices via Electra’s service portal, Channel Zero, which acts as a powerful gateway. Providing a host of additional entertainment services alongside Freeview, Channel Zero also offers retailers, a richer and deeper on-screen branding and selling platform, allowing them to stay in daily in-home contact with their customers on an individual, regional or national basis. Easily accessible to the viewer as the first channel in the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) or via a dedicated button on the remote, Channel Zero has already launched with apps such as Reuters news, Met Office weather, What’s On TV magazine and PlayJam games.

“We’re excited to be working with ACCESS as incorporating NetFront Browser and NetFront Living Connect into our solutions is a vital part of bringing next-generation services to our customers,” said Electra Chairman Jasper Smith. “The next generation of connected-TV devices offer retailers and manufacturers unparalleled opportunities – however it’s imperative that consumers are sufficiently motivated to connect. Trove is a hybrid broadcast and IP platform for data delivery that uniquely bridges the connected and non-connected worlds, whilst Channel Zero provides appealing incentives to entice users

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