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Online certificates from BBFC

January 10, 2011

In the latest move to bring its widely recognised and trusted classifications to the world of digitally distributed content, every VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray title classified by film classification body the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) since 1985 has been given a digital certificate.

Since 2008, the BBFC has been working with the UK video industry to provide a content labelling system for film, video and TV content supplied by Internet, wireless or mobile signal which the public can trust and understand.  By giving over 200,000 titles a digital classification the BBFC has provided consumers with access to labelling and content information for a massive ‘back catalogue’ of films and television programmes which are available through video-on-demand, digital rental/sell through, streaming, mobile platforms and connected TV.

Platforms and e-tailers using the BBFC’s classifications for their online content pay a licensing fee under the service.  As well as the ‘back catalogue’ all their new content classified by the BBFC is given an ‘online’ certificate for digital distribution.

For material which is going straight to online the BBFC has developed a brand new classification service, known as ‘Watch and Rate’ which provides digital e-tailers and platforms with a robust labelling and child protection system for the online world at a cost and speed which reflects the needs of digital distribution.

David Cooke, Director of the BBFC, claimed the new service for straight to online content would provide the industry with a service which would ensure that they could get their content, along with BBFC labelling, out into the rapidly moving digital space. “For parents it will offer labelling and content advice they know and trust in what is, for many, an unfamiliar landscape,” he said.

The BBFC notes that independent research indicates that 84 per cent of adults (91 per cent of parents) want to see BBFC classifications on downloadable / streaming films and other digital audiovisual content.

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