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RTV chooses T-VIPS IP video transport solutions for Slovenia’s terrestrial digital switchover project

January 10, 2011

T-VIPS, a global player in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, has announces that its TVG420 ASI to IP gateway has been chosen by RTV Slovenia to distribute Digital Terrestrial programming from the RTV media centre to 13 transmitter sites throughout Slovenia. The choice of the TVG420 enables RTV to deploy ASI in the studio and for final transmission, while taking advantage of cost-effective and flexible IP networks for transport to the transmitters. The Digital Switchover (DSO) project will go live in 2011.

“When we were designing the architecture for Slovenia’s Digital Switchover project we knew that we wanted to utilise the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of IP; the T-VIPS solution is ideal as it enables us to do this, while using ASI in other parts of the network,” says Bojan Ramsˇak, technical expert, RTV Slovenia. “A unique feature of the solution is that it has redundancy built-in, which means we don’t have to choose between quality of service and cost-effectiveness – with the T-VIPS TVG420 we can have both.”

The TVG420 enables DVB-ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) MPEG-2 signals to be transported over robust IP networks to the transmitter sites, where a TVG420 converts the signal back to ASI. The built-in redundancy functionality of the TVG420 means that if there are quality issues with an IP connection, the TVG420 can seamlessly switch to the back-up IP transport stream.

“Our experience of DSO projects throughout Europe ensures that our solutions combine advanced functionality and flexibility with ‘install and forget’ reliability,” says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. “When an operator is designing a DSO architecture it is specifying a system that needs to work well into the medium term. For RTV Slovenia, our industry leading experience of similar projects and our built-in cost-effective redundancy was very important. We are proud to have been chosen to work on this important project and look forward to our equipment providing RTV with fault-free operation for many years to come.”

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