cablecom tops 1.37 Gbps

In a record-beating attempt, Liberty Global-owned cable company cablecom has achieved a hitherto unprecedented Internet speed of 1.37 Gigabits per second – over a conventional coaxial television cable. In doing so, it sent data down the line almost 70 times faster than is possible with the fastest DSL options; proof that cable networks have a great future ahead, according to the Zurich-based operator.

According to Alfred Seiler, Vice President of cablecom’s Network Services, “Cable has everything going for it at the moment. Thanks to our cutting-edge network, cablecom customers are all set for tomorrow’s standards.” Eric Lennon, CTO of the European Broadband Operations of cablecom parent company Liberty Global: “This test shows that our HFC-Coax plant and cable technology is able to drive speeds beyond 1Gbps. We are happy to work with our partners in the chip industry and with system vendors like Cisco to launch products based on these speeds.”

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