Videotron to launch new illico TV ecosystem

Speaking at a Journée Infopresse conference on the new television landscape, Manon Brouillette, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Marketing at Videotron, confirmed Videotron’s determination to remain an industry leader and gave an overview of the Company’s innovation roadmap. With the launch of its new, optimised illico TV ecosystem featuring a string of innovations, Videotron will soon be offering its customers a multi-screen experience in Canada.

“The evolution of illico will provide our customers with a new, customised television experience,” said Manon Brouillette. “illico TV will boast optimised navigation and a new look, while still carrying the largest selection of triple-screen content, French-language content and high-definition content, all in an open-ended environment. illico TV will continue to support pause-and-resume on three screens, an innovation introduced by Videotron in late 2010, in a new navigation environment that is perfectly harmonised with the other platforms, namely illico web and illico mobile.”

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