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Warner Bros films on China cable TV

June 16, 2011

Warner Bros Entertainment has confirmed plans to offer its movies via cable television in China, the first such venture by a major studio.

Warner Bros expects as many as three million Chinese households to have access to its recently released films and older titles as early as this summer through pay-per-view and on-demand services. Ultimately, the studio, a division of Time Warner, is hoping to reach 200 million homes in a country where access to Hollywood entertainment has been undermined by government control and censorship.

The studio’s joint venture in China, CAV Warner Home Entertainment, struck the deal to distribute its movies with technology provider You On Demand Media. You On Demand has an exclusive, 20-year joint venture partnership with China Home Cinema, the pay-television arm of that country’s CCTV-6 network. You On Demand now has to sign up cable operators to carry the new service.

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