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Belgacom launches TV Everywhere

July 4, 2011

By Colin Mann

Dominant Belgian telco Belgacom is launching a new service that allows customers to watch TV everywhere and on any device, in a transparent way, without having to bother about the technical aspects.

The initiative follows the launch in 2010 of a series of new offers on the telco’s IPTV service, Belgacom TV, together with video on demand on PC, TV guide on PC/Mobile, remote recording, Football on PC/Mobile, moviev recommendations and selection of favourite movies via the Internet and mobile phone,

From July 1, Belgacom TV customers can watch TV on a TV set, tablet or smartphone (via Wi-Fi at home or outside the home, and via 3G within Belgium), wherever they go. The telco says that in the coming weeks, it will also be possible to watch TV on a desktop or laptop. The application is now available on Android; on Apple, the application is currently subject to Apple’s approval.

Belgacom TV customers can try out TV Everywhere for free during the whole summer, before the commercial launch in October. The movies on demand option is also included in the free offer during the trial phase.




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