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Oregan launches TR-69 and TR-135 device management solution for network operators

July 7, 2011

Oregan Networks, a developer of Internet TV technologies, has unveiled its new software module that enables monitoring and management of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and is based on the widely adopted guidelines stipulated by the Broadband Forum, namely TR-111,TR-69, and TR-135.

Oregan’s device management solution allows deploying operators to perform bidirectional monitoring and diagnostics of vital network and video quality of service (QoS) parameters, such as connectivity, bandwidth, packet sequencing and video decoder performance. In addition, the system features an advanced end-to-end remote upgrade management facility, with the ability to selectively target specific groups of devices. The upgrades can be modularised, in order to only update selected components of the STB software stack. Such modular approach provides an effective mechanism of minimising the network load and upgrade time.

The new device management module is closely woven into the architecture of Oregan Media Browser – Oregan’s suite of core media client technologies for Set Top Boxes, incorporating HTML based User Interface, Over The Top media streaming client, DLNA home networking stack and a comprehensive list of supported Digital Rights Managements (DRM) and Conditional Access System (CAS) technologies.

The new module has been verified with world’s leading TR-69 Advance Configuration Server solution from Alcatel Lucent, and is now being deployed by multiple telecom operators on an international basis.

Mark G Perry, Oregan’s CEO said, “We are pleased to unveil a new software module that allows network operators to gain greater levels of control over the customer experience in a highly competitive broadband services market. Recognition of an increasing need for Oregan’s telco customers to differentiate on the merits of consistent quality and speed of issue resolution, tightly linked to the content offering, has been the guiding principle in extending the architecture of Oregan Media Browser”.

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