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Sirius-XM drops UK’s Radio 1

August 10, 2011

The BBC’s Radio 1 has been dropped from the Sirius-XM pay-radio bouquet. Sirius has made no comment but it is understood that it was not that popular, although one source quoted the BBC saying they had ended their partnership with Sirius-XM.


However, there is now a campaign from loyal US and Canadian listeners to see the service re-instated. “We need to let both BBC Radio and SiriusXM know that we want Radio 1 back in the lineup. For those of us who live outside of the UK, this was an important source to find new UK music and artists. PLEASE help bring back BBC Radio 1 to SiriusXM,” said one fan, using the high-profile Jon Stewart Daily Show forum to appeal for support.


The campaign also has its own Facebook page, and besides British expats in Canada who used the station to stay in touch with ‘music from home’, the pressure from other fans seems to be building. One, Duane Becker, told Facebook that “I called and canceled my XM service today. BBC Radio 1 was the only reason I kept XM. I am having an iPod connector installed in my Honda Pilot which will let me stream BBC Radio 1 to my in car stereo from my iPhone. Bye bye XM…you just saved me a monthly bill!!!”



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