Advanced Television

Netgem and Miso enable multi-screen social TV

September 8, 2011

Netgem and Miso, the creator of a connected social TV platform, have formed a partnership which makes synchronous Social TV features available through the television set, as well as via smartphones, tablets and other IP applications.

Miso’s platform integrated with Netgem’s middleware provides a simple and user-friendly way to enrich the TV experience. While watching a TV show, the viewer can see who, amongst his or her friends, are watching the same show, read comments posted from an iPhone, iPad or from the Web, let the community know what he is watching and switch to another TV programme recommended by a friend.

Netgem is working to integrate Miso with its nCloud software multimedia server to give end-users an even more complete and integrated Social TV experience. Launching soon, this will automatically synchronise the user’s companion devices with the TV show being viewed to provide further options for interactivity.

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