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Ikanos Fusiv Vx175 and Vx173 enable intelligent services gateways

September 14, 2011

Ikanos’ first dual-core communications processors, the Fusiv Vx175 and Fusiv Vx173, build on the award-winning features of the company’s Fusiv family and extend the range of access technologies and device types that can be supported by Ikanos products.

The Vx175/173 processors add a range of advanced capabilities, including:
Advanced Dual-Core Processor Architecture – The Vx175/173 communications processors have two MIPS cores. Providing up to 600MHz of processing power, these dual cores can handle femtocell stacks, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a range of other computational-intensive tasks.
Multiple Interfaces for LAN/WAN Integration – The Vx175/173 includes a number of built-in interfaces – including up to three Gigabit MACs, two PCIe and two USB 2.0 hosts – that enable the processor to easily connect via many in-home distribution solutions like Wi-Fi, MoCA, ZigBee, HomePNA, HomePlug, and other technologies for in-home content distribution.
Integrated SATA Interface – The Vx175 has a built-in SATA interface for direct network attached storage (NAS) for the warehousing of local content. This content can be shared directly from the gateway throughout the home or passed via a secure connection to outside backup services or other cloud-based applications.

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