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Cisco, AT&T cut cord with wireless IPTV

October 25, 2011

By Colin Mann

Cisco is claiming the launch of the industry’s first wireless IPTV service with AT&T. Cisco is the sole provider of this advanced wireless IPTV solution featuring new wireless receivers and wireless access points (WAPs), available across the entire AT&T U-verse TV footprint beginning Monday, October 31.

Consumers can now rely on wireless technology to deliver high-quality video services throughout the home without the need for cables or wires. The technology enables TV to be watched in virtually any room in the home, even rooms not wired for TV, such as the kitchen, basement or indoor garage. TV content is sent from the Cisco wireless access point via in-home WiFi to the Cisco wireless receiver next to the TV.

Cisco suggests that WiFi-delivered video gives service providers the unique advantage of offering consumers new freedom to watch TV wherever they want in the home, and that with no added wiring required, the wireless TV solution offers service providers the means for faster service activations and consumer self-installation with easy-to-use WiFi kits. In addition, integrating WiFi technology into the receiver is seen as a more cost-effective option for service providers, as it gives technicians the ability to install receivers without running new wires. The integrated WiFi receiver also offers service providers the ability to monitor the device’s performance via the network, as the receiver comes equipped with remote diagnostics.

GW Shaw, executive director of U-verse marketing, AT&T, said the telco was bringing a new freedom to the TV experience, giving consumers the benefit of watching TV in virtually any room in the home. “Cisco’s wireless IPTV solution gives our customers flexibility with where they can place and watch their TVs, and offers a faster and simpler set-up process for customers and U-verse technicians,” he added.

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