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China denies ‘entertainment ban’

October 27, 2011

By Chris Forrester

A few weeks ago it was widely reported that China had ‘banned’ entertainment-type programming especially that emanating from Taiwan and which frequently employed ‘Western’ presentation styles and fashions.


BBC Monitoring reports that speculation has arisen whether the state TV regulator has decided to stop Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainers from participating in mainland China’s entertainment industry since September when a Taiwan host quit a popular show of Hunan Satellite Television and the channel rescheduled the airing of a show starring Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok.


Now a Chinese official at the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office [TAO], has stated that no such ‘ban’ is in place.


Yang Yi, from the State Council, made the remarks when asked to comment on an alleged entertainment ban that would make it more difficult for Taiwan entertainers to perform in mainland-based entertainment shows.

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