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Arabsat’s 30 HDTV channels

November 7, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Arabsat is now carrying 30 high-definition channels. The number has been boosted by the signing of a six-channel HD deal with ‘Saudi Sport’. The six HD channels are complemented by six in standard definition from Saudi Sport.  The channels are dedicated to carrying the soccer matches and sport activities of Zain Saudi league, claimed to be the most popular and famous league in the Gulf region in particular, and in the Arab world in general.

Saudi Sport has acquired the exclusive rights of the Saudi League from the Saudi football federation and announced Arabsat as the exclusive satellite carrying the TV channels in Middle East and North Africa.

“Once delivered to viewers through one sport channel only and on different satellites, the Saudi League comprising 12 channels, covering some 800 matches and more than 12 tournaments now has a new and one home only; Arabsat,” said a statement.

With the addition of Saudi league channels, the number of HD channels on Arabsat reaches  30. Beside the encrypted sport channel of Jazeera and AbuDhab, Arabsat currently owns 90 per cent market share of FTA HDTV channels in the region, claims the operator.

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