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Manycast & Mirifice partner to promote MiriMON for TV content consumption and QoE monitoring in the Caribbean

January 6, 2012

Manycast is partnering with Mirifice to promote the use of MiriMON technology for TV Content Consumption and QoE monitoring.

MiriMON provides the TV operator with real-time and historical intelligence about content consumption (linear channels, VoD, OTT etc), including popularity and the customer Quality of Experience. This intelligence empowers the operator to negotiate more cost-effective content contracts with their providers.

MiriMON has already been deployed to Telbo on Bonaire, and is providing daily reports which allow Telbo to better understand their service usage. Telbo are already using this intelligence to improve their service offering and better target their content spend.

MiriMON also arms an operator’s Customer Support staff with the information required to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix problems in the service, the network, and the Set-Top-Box (STB) remotely. MiriMON measures the TV service via an intelligent agent on the Set-top box, which provides real-time information on service quality, network performance and STB health.

Crucially this information is provided to the operator in real-time, and faults can be identified and rectified without requiring the customer call as the prompt to action.

In addition to improving customer experience, resolving faults without a home visit reduces operating costs: particularly when customers are geographically remote.

Jorris Uding, MD of Manycast, commented: “We have already experienced how valuable MiriMON is to our negotiations with content providers on behalf of our clients.

Every market and operator is different and understanding the interest and consumption of subscribers helps to create a better and more viable TV product. Operators can for instance use MiriMON-generated reports to identify best to worst performing content which helps to negotiate better price or extended marketing support from providers. Manycast actively seeks innovative solutions which empower our customers, which is why we are delighted to be partnering with Mirifice to promote their MiriMON solution.”

Mark Longstaff, CEO of Mirifice added: “We are delighted to be working with Manycast to bring our powerful MiriMON solution to other operators in the Caribbean. Manycast’s credibility and brand recognition in the region can only encourage operators to look at how MiriMON can help them to enjoy the significant business benefits that are derived by better understanding your customers’ experience, and delivering a better service proposition..”

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