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London Olympics: “Biggest media event ever”

January 24, 2012

Ofcom, the UK media regulator, says that the 2012 London Olympic Games will be the largest media event ever held on the plant. They expect the games to host around 26,000 print and broadcasting journalists and their technical teams.

Indeed, Ofcom suggests that handling the demands of 26,000 journalists presents the organisers with a “unique logistical challenge”. One decision is to ‘borrow’ up to 20,000 wireless transmission frequencies for the period of the games in order to cope with demand for essential coverage.

Special frequencies will be used to allow wireless cameras and radio microphones to be safely used, as well as to handle extra demand for security uses.

The ‘borrowed’ frequencies will come from current users such as the Ministry of Defence.

Jill Ainscough, chief operating officer of Ofcom, said: “The UK’s airwaves are already among the most intensively used in the world. The London 2012 Games will significantly increase demand.

“Ready and prepared for this challenge, Ofcom recognises that there is no room for complacency. We are working behind the scenes to make this capacity available, to ensure that this demand is met.”

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