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Telenor offers advanced services with Satlink hub from STM

January 30, 2012

STM Group has confirmed the installation of a fully redundant SatLink Hub 9400 LE by Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSB), which will provide services with two forward links from a new location in Cyprus. With the new hub, TSB will be able to offer the latest in satellite communications technology.

The new location in Cyprus allows TSB to offer expanded coverage of the Middle East region with important quality-enhancing features from STM, such as Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), which intelligently adjusts modulation parameters to compensate for varying weather. Other features of the SatLink hub include support for up to 500 VSATs, increased bandwidth efficiency with Adaptive Carrier Selection (ACS), advanced MF-TDMA resource control, and extensive bandwidth management tools assuring no wasted resources in the network.

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