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DVB-T2 signal analyser from TeamCast

February 1, 2012

TeamCast, a specialist in digital modulation technologies for DTT, Wireless Transmissions and Satellite Applications, has unveiled Odyssey – a test and measurement tool for laboratory that analyses and qualifies DVB-T2 RF signals.

DVB-T2 is the second generation of a digital television, using the latest modulation and coding techniques to deliver superior performance and improved payload bit rates for terrestrial broadcast. Odyssey analyses the quality and the characteristics of any DVB-T2 signals. Its large screen allows users to visualise spectrum, constellation (L1 and PLP), MER+SNR and EVM, power level, power distribution, shoulders (right and left), delay profiles: all the DVB-T2 features. Fully compliant to the ETSI-302755 standard, Odyssey automatically detects the modulation parameters and can demodulate PLPs to supply the content to any decoder.

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