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S3 for Swisscom IPTV STB testing

February 20, 2012

S3 Group, a global enabler of digital TV content delivery platforms, has revealed that Swisscom has chosen StormTest Development Center to ensure the accurate and speedy software testing on IPTV STBs.  This deployment, focused on STBs running Microsoft Mediaroom Client, has instantly improved the accuracy of testing as well as turnaround time. Swisscom was previously utilising manual testing which is often time consuming, repetitive and poses more room for errors.

“S3 Group not only provides us with their StormTest Development Center but they also act as a professional service partner that expresses great interest in supporting and addressing Swisscom’s future test automation requirements. Any partner working together that aids in bringing our business forward is invaluable,” said Michael Krause, Head of Entertainment and TV Test Management at Swisscom. “We strive to deliver the ultimate IPTV experience to more than 600,000 customers, and as interactive services and multiple devices continue to become the norm, we need a partner who can help us ensure the highest quality of end-to-end platforms.  We have found that partner with S3 Group.”

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