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GE Satcom becomes Signalhorn

February 23, 2012

GE Satcom, an old-established satellite services provider, and owner of the Satlynx two-way broadband services, has changed its name to Signalhorn.  Satlynx/Signalhorn has a wide portfolio of satellite-based services in the Government, Defence, Enterprise, Maritime, and Oil & Gas customers totalling more than 300 clients and over 10,000 remote sites.

The change of ownership took place February 2nd, 2012 and includes the entire GE Satcom or Satlynx group of companies located in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other key locations.

“The rebranding to Signalhorn marks a significant event in the forty year history of the organisation and therefore justifies a powerful and substantial brand identity to carry it forward into many more decades of superior service delivery,” says a company statement. .

The name comes from a nearby mountain to its technical centre in Leuk, Switzerland. “Our customers will benefit from an unparalleled combination of solutions, professional services, and expertise that highlight our existing and growing resources,” states Robert Kubbernus, President & CEO. “We are bringing together our resources to focus on a new future under a new brand. With a unique blend of knowledge, innovation, platforms, and infrastructure, we are confident that our networks remain second-to-none.”

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