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Fujitsu licenses ContentGuard DRM technology

March 27, 2012

ContentGuard, a subsidiary of Pendrell, has announced a licensing agreement with Fujitsu, a specialist in communications technology. ContentGuard is a developer of digital rights management (DRM) technologies, and the agreement licenses the company’s DRM patents for Fujitsu’s mobile handsets and tablet devices. ContentGuard’s DRM solutions enable the consumer-friendly implementation of digital content distribution models such as content rental, content subscription, variable pricing, and secure peer-to-peer distribution.

The agreement between ContentGuard and Fujitsu encompasses mobile handsets and tablet devices.

James Baker, vice president of licensing and strategic development for ContentGuard, commented: “We’re pleased to be licensing our DRM technology to such a well-established worldwide leader, particularly as they grow their business in the rapidly expanding smartphone and tablet segments. This agreement furthers ContentGuard’s deep penetration of the Japanese handset market, which now includes all but one of Japan’s major handset manufacturers.”

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