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Warner Bros: “Golden age of TV is now”

April 19, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Bruce Rosenblum, president, Warner Bros TV, in a wide-ranging interview with trade mag Broadcasting & Cable at the NAB show in Las Vegas, says the TV industry is in a new golden age, both in terms of the creativity of the shows being produced for broadcast and cable, and in terms of the business generally.

“The business has never been better,” Rosenblum told B&C’s Melissa Grego. “Revenue from international has improved dramatically. The domestic broadcast, cable and syndication businesses are at a high point and there are new buyers” in the market like Netflix and Hulu that are boosting the value of their libraries and new productions.

He also praised the importance of international distribution to Hollywood and the TV studios, and which now comprises nearly one-third of their revenue. “Even in a global financial crisis, we have had five years of meaningful increases,” to the point where the revenue “from international more than covers the production costs of our entire sales of 26 shows,” he said.

Rosenblum also predicted a growing role for the new breed to OTT players, such as Netflix and Hulu, which he prefers to call subscription VoD outlets, as a new distribution channel for library product as well as new shows.

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