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30% of UK radio listening digital

May 17, 2012

Nearly 30 per cent of radio listening is now digital but digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio slipped back in the first three months of the year. Digital platforms accounted for 29.2 per cent of all listening in the first quarter of 2012, marginally up from 29.1 per cent in the previous quarter and 26.5 per cent at the start of 2011, according to official figures from Rajar.

But DAB radio slipped back to 19.1 per cent from a 19.4 per cent share of all listening in the previous quarter, a deficit that was made up by an increase in online and app listening, from 3.4 per cent to a new high of 3.9 per cent. Digital TV listening also slipped back, albeit marginally, to a 4.4 per cent share of radio listening.

Digital Radio UK, the body responsible for overseeing digital radio switchover, said 50 per cent of all radio listeners now tune into a digital platform at least once a week.

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