Advanced Television

MPEG Forum bows out

June 28, 2012

Following its announcement to merge with the Open IPTV Forum in March, the MPEG Industry Forum has revealed that it will shortly be closing shop, with all assets to be put into the hands of the Open IPTV Forum by the end of this month.

In an open statement, the organisation’s President, David Price of Ericsson, says that it has declared victory in its aim to “facilitate and further the widespread adoption and deployment of MPEG and related standards in next-generation digital media services.”

Price refers to a number of efforts driven by the MPEG Industry Forum over the years, including informational events the MPEG IF Master Class series, and a a series of important interoperability test rounds combined with some very active tech-lists (that will now be closed on July 1st).

“Slowly but surely H.264 gained mind share and then market share and today is clearly the dominant codec of choice replacing MPEG-2 around the world. Hence the declaration of victory,” Price concluded.

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