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Hispasat claims 1st with 3D JEDI channel

July 4, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Madrid-based satellite operator Hispasat is claiming a world’s first in transmitting a 3D TV channel that conforms to the newly-approved JEDI formula, and does not need a frame-compatible transmission method.
Today’s usual 3D TV transmission methods use two side-by-side (or top/bottom) images which the set-top box and 3D set then combine for a 3D experience.

However, the JEDI (Just Explore Dimensions European) is said to be a second-generation system and is compatible with the Multiview Video Coding format which allows an HDTV signal and a full 3D signal to be transmitted on the same signal.

Hispasat says it is managing all activities related to the satellite demonstrations in the JEDI consortium. “The goal in the coming months is to implement the signalling defined in the DVB-3DTV Phase2a specification which, is under development within DVB group, keeping an open channel available across Europe to serve as platform for experimentation and validation of the next generation of 3DTV.  JEDI activities started in 2010 with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the various formats and technologies related to 3DTV and of how 3DTV will evolve and develop for consumers. JEDI belongs to the European Research platform ITEA 2, EUREKA cluster programme ?! 3674, part of the Eureka European initiatives.”

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