Advanced Television

NHK super hi-vision camera

July 31, 2012

NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster has unveiled the prototype for its new lightweight Super Hi-Vision (SHV) camera for the first time outside Japan.

The camera, which has been significantly reduced in size and weight since the first prototype in 2002, brings SHV technology into focus as a viable domestic broadcasting format in the near future.

SHV is next generation television that allows footage to be filmed ultra-high definition images 16 times as clear as that of HD, and in 360 degree sound delivered using a 22.2 channel sound system (Most cinema’s use 5.1).

Keiichi Kubota, NHK’s Executive Director-General for Engineering, commented: “We are delighted with the incredible rate of progress made in the development of SHV technology in recent years. The launch of this innovative, compact and practical new camera design represents a significant step forward towards our aim of marking SHV a viable television format.”

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