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Intelsat reports “steady performance”

August 1, 2012

Intelsat, the world’s leading provider of satellite services, has reported financial results for the three months to June 30th, 2012.

Intelsat reported revenue of $638.7 million and a net loss of $84.0 million for the three months. The company also reported Intelsat S.A. EBITDAi, or earnings before net interest, loss on early extinguishment of debt, taxes and depreciation and amortisation, of $468.3 million, and Intelsat S.A. Adjusted EBITDAi of $492.0 million, or 77 per cent of revenue, for the three months. Contracted backlog at June 30th, was $10.6 billion.

Intelsat CEO Dave McGlade said, “In the second quarter, Intelsat achieved steady financial performance while embarking upon a new era in our continuing industry leadership. Near term, our 2012-2013 launch program will provide valuable growth capacity and also include the final phase of deployment of our global broadband mobility infrastructure. As these satellites enter service, our business will benefit from demand for fixed and mobile applications serving media, government and network services customers. Given the timing of this expansion capacity being added to our fleet, revenue growth in the second half of 2012 is expected to begin to accelerate modestly; total year 2012 revenue results are expected to be slightly positive as compared to 2011.”

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