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Bellamy launching The Surf Channel

August 6, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Broadcasting entrepreneur Steve Bellamy, who has already created a near non-stop Tennis Channel and Ski Channel for US viewers, is now to launch a Surf Channel this autumn.

Bellamy realises that images, no matter how stunning, of continuous waves and surf action isn’t enough to keep die-hards watching. So the channel will contain lifestyle, and other elements to widen viewership.

“Surf, its lifestyle and environment, create an unparalleled canvas for a television network,” he told journalists. “The Surf Channel will be a sports channel, travel channel and lifestyle channel all in one.”

Bellamy has struck deals with the likes of Comcast, Coz and DirecTV to add his channel to their systems, and as a result will kick off with 20 million US households potentially tuning in when the channel goes live in mid-September.

International viewers will be able to catch some of the action on YouTube which will have extra rights-cleared material available.

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