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The Queen with James Bond and the Spice Girls most aired portions of London ceremonies globally

August 16, 2012

The five-minute sequence wherein actor Daniel Craig as James Bond accompanies the Queen onto a helicopter and the two leap from the aircraft to make a grand entrance to the Olympic stadium below was the most repeatedly broadcast moment of the London2012 Ceremonies worldwide, as discovered by Civolution’s Teletrax new retroactive broadcast monitoring services.

Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing, and monetizing media content, used its media intelligence platform, Teletrax®, to analyze broadcasts of the London 2012 Ceremonies on its worldwide infrastructure of approx. 1,900 channels in 56 countries to find the Summer Games’ most televised clips.

Following the Opening and Closing Ceremonies the humorous skit with James Bond and the Queen was broadcast 1,491 times in 48 countries, making it the most popular segment.  Closely coming in second was the re-united Spice Girls, broadcast 1,229 times in 38 countries, followed by the lighting of the Olympic flame with 1,037 individual broadcasts, but was seen in the most countries (51). The next most popular clips were the sequence culminating in the forging of the five rings (953), the opening Team Parade (857), the Jesse J. performance with legend guitarist Brian May of the rock band Queen (830), followed by the flame extinction (668), the Road to Rio (633), and the humorous sequence with Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson reenacting Chariots of Fire (592).

‘’These fascinating insights regarding one of television’s biggest global television events are a wonderful example of the informative power of the Teletrax technology and tools,’’ said Andy Nobbs, Chief Commercial Officer, Civolution. ‘’This data exemplifies an exciting new feature for Teletrax, which is the ability to retroactively track video broadcasts, and retrieve detailed reports on the reach of past events. We are bringing broadcast intelligence to another level, enabling better asset management and deeper analysis including competitive watch.”

Civolution also compared the Opening and Closing Ceremonies against other recent major sporting events illustrating the strong global attraction of the Olympics. The Opening Ceremonies – with 338 hours of broadcast and the Closing Ceremonies with 318 hours – have been broadcast more than any other sports events had accumulated over several weeks.

The next most popular events were the Euro Cup Final – Spain vs. Italy (8,185), Wimbledon Men’s Final (2,408), Tour de France final day (2,400), the NBA final game (2,320) and the Wimbledon Women’s Final (1,531).
Interestingly, the Wimbledon Men’s final was broadcast on more channels (223) in the U.S. than the Euro2012 Final (210). Noticeably, outside the U.S., France (30), Spain (23) and Italy (23) were the three European countries broadcasting the NBA final game the most times, far more than the UK (5) or Germany, which had no airings.
Civolution’s Teletrax content identification and global tracking technology allows for video segments to be discretely managed with metadata, and then tracked in 56 countries (including all 210 U.S. DMAs) for analysis.

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