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Avail-TVN in Google Fiber TV content deal

September 6, 2012

By Colin Mann

Advanced video services provider Avail-TVN is to provide content for the Google Fiber broadband TV service. Launched in July 2012 in Kansas City, Google Fiber offers connection speeds 100 times faster than traditional broadband and delivers both Internet and TV into the home. Avail-TVN will provide a range of content including studio, broadcast and cable content for the new service.

Google Fiber’s television service will provide access to live and on-demand content across multiple devices. Avail-TVN will make available a wide range of digital licensing and enabling technologies in support of the state-of-the-art platform being deployed by Google Fiber. Avail-TVN will provide studio, cable and broadcast network content in a range of formats to support Google Fiber’s multichannel video service.

“Google Fiber represents an evolution in the digital video market, and we are pleased to support them as they roll out enhanced services to consumers,” said Jim Riley, chief revenue officer, Avail-TVN. “Google Fiber takes full advantage of the advanced digital video services that Avail-TVN has pioneered in support of the high value content that consumers want, on the devices they use the most.”



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