Advanced Television

Google Fiber TV launches

July 27, 2012

By Colin Mann

Included in the July 26th launch of the Google Fiber 1 Gbps fibre-to-the home network in Kansas City was confirmation from the information and search giant of Google Fibre TV over the network.

Promising not just high definition television, but “the highest quality” courtesy of the 1 Gbps connection, Kevin Lo, General Access Manager, said that Google Fiber TV would offer true interactivity for all the household.

Accessing the service will incur a $300 connection charge, and $120 a month thereafter for an extensive package of channels, on-demand services and online channels. The construction fee will be waived for subscribers taking up the two-year contract at launch.

Powering the service will be a new Google Fiber set-top box, controlled by a Nexus 7 tablet to be provided at no extra charge. In-house streaming would be possible to Android and iOS tablets. The dedicated Network Box has a four-port gigabit Ethernet router and 802.11n WiFi, a TV Box with live viewing and a WiFi access point as well as a Storage Box DVR with 2TB of data and the ability to record eight shows at once.

Up to 500 shows can be stored in full 1080p HD, and several TVs within the home will be able to access content simultaneously.



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