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Syria slams satellite ban

September 6, 2012

NileSat and Arabsat have removed the state-backed Syrian TV channels from its satellites. Instructions were given to the two Arab satellite operators by the Arab States foreign ministries.

However, the action received immediate condemnation from Damascus. BBC Monitoring reports that the Syria’s Information Ministry the ban “contradicts principles of media work in an unacceptable and blatant way within the framework of the campaign targeting Syria,” the statement added.

The ministry, in its statement, stressed its condemnation of this violation and considered it as direct evidence on its administrators’ bias to the side of the plot launched against the Syrian state and people, adding that this behaviour serves the Zionist scheme.

The ministry called upon NileSat to refrain from its behaviour and adhere to the legal regulations in this regard.
In a similar statement, the Ministry of Information announced that Arabsat had also cut broadcasting of the Syrian satellite channels in line with NileSat [and] “which has already carried out its role in the Zionist project that aimed at silencing the voice of the homeland and contributing to the deception, fabrication and the falsification of facts”.

The ministry condemned this behaviour which violates the simplest rules of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) law and Syria’s rights which should be preserved according to these rules.

The ministry considered this procedure as flagrant violation of media code of ethics and principles of journalistic work, calling upon the Arabsat administration to refrain from its decision and commit to the law and morals of media.

The ministry called upon Syrian citizens to watch the Syrian channels on the terrestrial channels and the Eutelsat and Hotbird on the following frequencies:

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