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Wyplay launches WyCLUB, its New Multi-screen & Multi-User TV Platform

September 6, 2012

Wyplay, a specialist in software solutions for TV operators, launches WyCLUB, its next generation Multi-screen & Multi-user TV Platform.

There is no shortage of Multi-screen platforms in the market today. However, most are simply a subset of a complete end-to-end solution provided by a single supplier. The main disadvantages of these offerings is the lack of flexibility when it comes to integrating into the existing head-end infrastructure of the operator, the difficulty in developing, deploying, and supporting new cross-device services (i.e., TV, Smartphone, Tablet, PC), and the lack of a seamless experience between in-home TV, mobile usage, and the notion of a multi-user environment.

WyCLUB avoids these shortcomings and addresses today’s “Multi-screen” needs in a particularly unique and innovative manner:

– An advanced and open architecture with flexible connectors ensuring simple insertion into any existing middleware head-end. WyCLUB enables rapid introduction and deployment of multiscreen services without calling into question the operator’s current ecosystem of head-end components.

– A unique “multi-user” approach on the part of Wyplay versus the traditional device-centric or home-centric approach to multi-screen solutions. Wyplay’s “multi-user” approach delivers a customized TV experience on a highly granular level that is able to target each individual user in a household.

– WyCLUB offers a wide range of Multi-screen services including OTT TV on any device, ‘companion device’ applications (i.e., place shifting, remote PVR, …), personalised content recommendation services, and communication and social services on the TV,  …

– The fact that WyCLUB is highly modular ensures unmatched scalability. Operators can easily get their multi-screen deployments started with a controlled and limited number of services on a selected list of devices and then gradually introduce more services on more devices at their own pace. WyCLUB is natively HTML5 compatible and provides ready to use connectors for iOS and Android and can be seamlessly integrated with the operator’s current STB middleware.

“We’ve always focused on developing open solutions to our customers allowing them to deliver an every evolving range of products and offerings that suite their specific market and subscriber needs,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO Wyplay. “We remain committed to this open approach with the launch of WyCLUB, a very innovative solution that addresses today’s challenges associated with delivering successful Multi-screen and Multi-user services.”

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