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castLabs UltraViolet suite for B2B sunrise

September 7, 2012

castLabs, a mobile video technologies and services company, has announced the rollout of their  UltraViolet product suite for the UltraViolet B2B sunrise period in October. The castLabs UltraViolet product suite provides a comprehensive solution tailored to the requirements of content providers and retailers. Its features enables business customers to effortlessly integrate with the forthcoming UltraViolet video content ecosystem, created by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). UltraViolet delivers a compelling way to collect and enjoy home video entertainment.

The castLabs UltraViolet product suite contains the download service (DSP) and the DASH-based streaming service (LASP) as the central components. The platform is integrated with the UltraViolet Coordinator, and on the frontend, the public Retailer Proxy APIs provide simplified access to the DSP and LASP services for retailers who want to adopt the UltraViolet experience. This currently is the only platform that supports with CMLA-OMA and Microsoft PlayReady all deployment-ready UltraViolet DRMs for content downloads.

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