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PurpleStream teams with Octoshape for IPTV

September 13, 2012

PurpleStream Convergence announced a strategic relationship with Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, to provide IPTV services globally. PurpleStream’s groundbreaking broadband IPTV service, called PurpleCloud, will incorporate Octoshape’s Infinite HD-M Federated Multicast Broadband TV platform, to provide broadcasters in India and Asia unparalleled value for IPTV delivery services, to customers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

PurpleStream’s core technology incorporates Adaptive Bit Rate Optimization with Single Source Multiple Device (SSMD) Delivery, which coupled with Infinite HD-M, dynamically adjusts to the available bandwidth to provide an optimized video viewing experience on any internet enabled device with zero buffering. Offered as a managed service for Broadcasters and Over the Top (OTT) operators, PurpleCloudleverages on the robustness of Octoshape’s Infinite HD-M to deliver stable and dependable HD quality video streams to any device, any platform, in any geography at a fraction of the cost of current delivery systems.

“It is prohibitively expensive for all, except for the largest of TV Broadcasters to deliver live content via the Internet to audiences in other countries,” said Karthik Subramanian, CEO of PurpleStream. “Traditionally this has been accomplished through satellites. The multicasting, multi path capabilities of the Octoshape CDN are an ideal fit for PurpleCloud(TM). We are pleased to be the reseller of Octoshape in India, where we have a number of customers eagerly awaiting the solution.”

Octoshape’s federated linear broadband TV ecosystem will continue to expand globally throughout 2012 in carefully planned phases adding content contribution partners, Tier1 broadband providers, connected television manufacturers, and conditional access providers.

“We have been impressed by PurpleStream’s technical capabilities and marketing prowess on the Indian subcontinent,” added Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “We are also keen on collaborating and developing the Live Events broadcast market segment with PurpleStream. Octoshape has successfully supported some of the largest live events on the Internet. The combination of Infinite HD-M platform with PurpleStream’s Single Source Multiple Device (SSMD) capability is a game changer in the market for Live Events Broadcasts.”

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