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CSC launches social media channel BuzMuzik

October 17, 2012

CSC Media Group, the UK digital broadcaster, has launched BuzMuzik – its social media-driven music channel.

Aimed at a 16-34 year old, social media savvy, music loving audience, BuzMuzik enables viewers to control the music playlist and to instantly see their messages, photos and shout-outs appear on TV, using Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

Viewers can take control of the music played by voting for their favourite tracks from the music playlist displayed on screen, using Facebook Credits or SMS. The track with the most requests is queued up to play next and viewers can see how well their track is performing and compete with other viewers by monitoring their track’s position on the on-screen request ladder.

CSC Media has developed a custom designed app that allows viewers to register on Facebook and use Credits orlocal currency to request videos and send in photos and messages.

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