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ScheduALL turns smartphones into interactive time cards

November 9, 2012

ScheduALL, a global provider of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software to the media and broadcast industries, today announced a new capability to its mobility platform. Hitch simplifies how employees and freelancers working on-location report and reconcile their time. The new Actualising Time feature makes tracking hours worked, breaks and downtime easier and less time-consuming for employees and broadcasters, particularly while producing live sports and news events.

“Broadcasters are under pressure to deliver more content to consumers across multiple devices without adding to projects’ budgets, so the new Actualising Time capability can help employees record actual time for easy and accurate reporting from the field,” said Ralph Quintero, COO, ScheduALL. “Think of it as a digital timesheet that updates work orders in real-time. Finance departments can reconcile faster and plan more efficiently.”

The Actualising Time feature allows users to report their time with the touch of a button, eliminating paperwork and significantly reducing the risk of inaccurate reporting.

“More than 1,500 freelancers were employed for the 2012 Olympics broadcast, and similarly, the 2012 Presidential Election and Super Bowl XLVII will hire a large number of freelancers for those broadcasts,” added Quintero. “We enable our clients to produce content from live events and deliver that content to consumers across multiple platforms without exceeding the project’s budget.”

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