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Polish pay-TV merger complete

December 3, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Canal Plus has wrapped the complex merger of Poland’s various pay-TV interests. These involve Canal+, ITI and TVN combining into a new entity – NC+ – which will be a single pay-TV DTH platform with about 2.5 million subs.  Canal Plus will own 51 per cent of NC+.

The merger brings together the former competing elements of Canal Plus, TVN and UPC.  Canal Plus will remain the dominant player (and own 51 per cent of the new business), with TVN retaining 32 per cent and UPC 17 percent.  TVN placed its ‘n’ bouquet into the mix. Canal Plus paid ITI some €277 million for 40 per cent of N-Vision which itself indirectly owns 52.4 per cent of the TVN media group.  ITI still owns 60 per cent of N-Vision.

The merged entity is expected to lead to tangible savings in running costs and the elimination of duplicated services, and permit greater investment in original content.



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