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BSkyB planning for U-HDTV

December 6, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Paul Kane, head of product research engineering at BSkyB, told a London conference that it was very much staying abreast of developments on Ultra-HD, and that this ‘next-generation’ video technology was a key part of its R&D responsibilities. “Ultra-HD is the next evolution of high-definition, with four times the resolution of HD. For us we are looking at the impact [U-HD] will have on our business. It is not something we see happening for the next couple of years but it is going to come and we in the business must understand how it will impact us.”

Kane added that BSkyB was in the ‘glass to glass’ business and needed to embrace all aspects of broadcasting from content acquisition and camera technology through to transmission to the TV set.  BSkyB has already tested 4K cameras at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium.

He made no commitment to U-HD beyond that BSkyB is very much focussing on the research aspect, as well as collaboration with standards bodies.

Sky Deutschland has already expressed its support and enthusiasm for Ultra-HDTV.

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